Light Heeled Fleet Footed Cheap Artists

2018 – Ultra modernists of deNeuve are back on track with this hallucinating soundtrack, pushing their cinematographic music up, to the next level. Created for screaming volumes. Own the sound of now.


1. Four Bouncers in The Alley

2. Spinning

3. Red Kilohertz

4. Caravane des Caravelles

5. Gorky Toys 

6. Very Happys

7. Douce Natalia 

8. Nightclubbing 

9. Saturna (Cheap Artists Mix)

10. Cheap Artists

I want to listen to this album




If there’s one band from the Ultra movement that they’d love to see a retrospective release, it’s Tox Modell. AndrĂ© Bach and Mark Tegefoss, who are currently working on their fourth album with deNeuve, were members of that band. From guitar wave to works for dance and theater performances is only a small step for Bach and Tegefoss. Det Wiehl was born.

Since 2011, the duo has also been making music as deNeuve, in which their former activities are all lumped together into a more than impressive result. Where Det Wiehl gradually evolved from songs to more abstract compositions, with deNeuve it is just the opposite. That turnaround had already started on Predecessor ‘Ugly’, and is reflected even more on Light Heeled Fleet Footed Cheap Artists.

Through cut-ups, deNeuve creates industrial-looking beat music (drum computers), oblique guitars and distorted voices. Former Tox Modell singer Xavier Martin wears ‘Douce Natalia’ while Dirk Polak (Mecano) takes care of ‘Caravane Des Caravelles’.

The ten songs often sound like a contemporary mix of Tox Modelll and Tecnoville, music that is difficult to label, but which is all the more intriguing.

– P.B.