deNeuve was founded in 2011 by AndrĂ© Bach and Mark Tegefoss who have a long history of making music together. deNeuve has evolved as a more song structured studio project. Still using guitars, the cut-up method was used to create their own distinct sound, without denying their underground ultrasonic nature.


Videoclip DRESSED UP

.be available on CD!




2022 – Spinning beats, hypnotic sequencers and casual vocals.

Push Push Rock & Roll

album cover pushpushrockndroll

2020 – Intense, urgent, cinematographic but above all inescapable as only deNeuve can do. A genre in itself. Buckle up!

Light Heeled Fleet Footed Cheap Artists

2018 – Ultra modernists of deNeuve are back on track with this hallucinating soundtrack, pushing their cinematographic music up, to the next level. Created for screaming volumes. Own the sound of now.



2016 – Intriguing and alienating mix of the out-of-the-ordinary category that houses industrial, avant-garde, hip hop, wave, (digi) noise, plunderphonics and experimental music.

Old Bruce

2013 – Heavy on the rhythm machine in the title piece. Guitars is what this duo is all about, in whatever incarnation, but they know how to bend the strings for whatever purpose; here we have a duo who isn’t limited to one thing.


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